Moses & The New Covenant

When some people are told that the New Testament gives them freedom to “do anything that they want”, without judgment, at the expense of Christ having died on the cross out of love for them, between the Torah and the New Testament, they head to the easy buffet table — the New Testament. But it … Continue reading Moses & The New Covenant

Yeshua In Nein (village)

Text: Luke 7. Within this narrative of the ministry and the signs performed by the Lord in a tiny northern village, we come to learn that His sign exceeds the raising of the dead by the Prophet Elijah. Also, the water baptism of John is not the “baptism” that Y’shua instructed to His disciples in … Continue reading Yeshua In Nein (village)

The Valley Of Hinnom – Gehenna

Geena (Gehenna) is an exclusive teaching that came from Y’shua, Word in the flesh manifest. Translators of the Elizabethan and James eras wanted to guilt trip old English Christians with the threat of hell and thus they invented a new concept. But what Y’shua means for Ge’ena is something else. Geena is worse than hell. … Continue reading The Valley Of Hinnom – Gehenna

Josiah Destroyed UFOs

It took one man in authority to have more fear of the Almighty than the fallen angels to take the UFOs to task. He had them burned. What was his secret? Josiah was said to read the laws of God daily and he feared God. It was the rediscovered Book of Deuteronomy that got Josiah … Continue reading Josiah Destroyed UFOs

Eternal Life Is Hidden In The Gold Menorah

Shemot 25 Torah For Eternal Life It is not a verse. The message is instilled in the act of worship and only to the one who renders Him due worship, in the worship of El Shaddai may the worshiping nephesh be shown eternal life. When the Messiah came, He led those to eternal life in … Continue reading Eternal Life Is Hidden In The Gold Menorah