Survive Transhumanism Beat 666

Need to survive transhumanism and pharmakeia Transhumanism is a specialty end of days agenda where human beings are entreated to be something else by their own choice. If you have a terminal illness, scientists offer to change your DNA so that the human disease does not affect you any longer for you are no longer … Continue reading Survive Transhumanism Beat 666

Isaiah 62

Messianic Commentary Commentary on Isaiah 62 If your family is traced back to Israel this commentary speaks to God’s plan for you and for me. Isaiah 62 is sandwiched between 61 the First Advent announcement and 63 the Second Coming. Here lies the window for the restoration of the House of Israel in dispersion. (This … Continue reading Isaiah 62

Jews In The Millennial Reign

El Shaddai Promised Dawid In the Millennial Reign of Christ on earth, many of David’s descendants (Judahites, from Judah) will co-reign with Christ. Tehillaim 13212 If your children will keep My covenant, My testimony that I will teach them, their children also will sit on your throne forever more.” Notice this speech happened in the … Continue reading Jews In The Millennial Reign

Elisha The Man Of God Series (5)

Foreword Have you ever come across a sore loser? They know that they cannot win. They know that they have met with defeat. And yet they are bent on destruction. If they cannot hurt you, they hurt something else that you care about, a loved one, your reputation (slander), spreading a lie (gossip) just to … Continue reading Elisha The Man Of God Series (5)

Elisha The Man Of God Series (4)

God knows men who are apart of Himself from the days of Babel. The only worthy leader of men is the son of man. We know Him by Y’shua. Romans 1:22 has been translated in various versions below, playing between the wise in God and the fools in men. Claiming to be wise, they instead became … Continue reading Elisha The Man Of God Series (4)

Elisha The Man Of God Series (3)

There are within the greatest legacies of individuals in the Old Testament, the Word of God, who we came to know in this timeline as Jesus, came to turn around a serious situation, or to make amazing revelation upon matters of importance. In this installment we shall visit with Elisha the Prophet and come to … Continue reading Elisha The Man Of God Series (3)

The Two Olive Trees

The olive tree is symbolic of Israel by design, the religious sign of Israel as God’s chosen nation upon the earth. In Israel, God’s purpose is to make good His promise to Abraham that from his loins, a people will serve the nations as a light. The olive tree is the producer of the anointing … Continue reading The Two Olive Trees