Song Of Moshe

Revelation 15 is adequate as a standalone Scripture as proof against the “PreTrib” fallacy in the end times. This popular belief reveals cowardice. It is chosen by individual choice and not by reading from the truth of Scripture.

Those who have no relationship with the Lord just want to find a reason to disappear and not face the trials and the testing. They prefer the pre trib fire exit run. Their reason to leave Earth is based on a fear of suffering for the sake of the gospel and for the name of the Lord. However, we who are head over heels in love with Eashoa want to hear His reviews:

Well done, good and faithful servants. We will be part of His Joy in the Marriage to His bride.

Revelation 21:8 calls out the cowards among the murderers and the liars.

If they are not qualified believers now they won’t either be qualified believers at the Appearing of the son of man.

Scripture cannot be denied. Here the saints are said to have conquered the beast. We will have a face/off. We will conquer him. And then the Moshiach will gather us to His Marriage.

The chapter begins before the wrath of God is to be poured out (chapter 16). Those are the seven vials (bowls) before the Second Coming.

The angels are on standby upon the command to pour.

Here it says the saints that will sing before the Lamb are to be those of us who will conquer the beast. We shall leave Earth as the promised conquerors not as MIA.

We are not interested in his image his number nor the worship of the beast.

Therefore those that go to the much hyped Pre Trib rapture only go to the fake rapture. They won’t be singing the song of Moses before God. 

The saints don’t go around but we go through the beast’s battle as conquerors in Moshiach.


1Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and amazing, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is finished.

2And I saw what appeared to be a sea of glass mingled with fire—and also those who had conquered the beast and its image and the number of its name, standing beside the sea of glass with harps of God in their hands. 

3And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying,

“Great and amazing are your deeds,

O Lord God the Almighty!

Just and true are your ways,

O King of the nations!a

4Who will not fear, O Lord,

and glorify your name?

For you alone are holy.

All nations will come

and worship you,

for your righteous acts have been revealed.”

Endure to the end and the same will be saved.

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