Revelation 5 – Throne & Scroll

From my study last week on Revelation 5, much is revealed from what the “mighty angel” and one from the “Elder” (presbuteros) rank of angels told John in turn when John “in the Spirit” visited upon a scene in the throne room of the Almighty. The Word of יהוה is in His majesty, glory and … Continue reading Revelation 5 – Throne & Scroll

Luqas 18: A Tale Of Two Seekers

A Parable Of Two Men Told By Y’shua My notes for this parable: Y’shua told this parable quoting the prayers said by two individuals associating their occupation, a Pharisee and a tax collectors. Their occupation alone identifies them. Both men went to the Temple and prayed up a prayer. Y’shua is in fact saying that … Continue reading Luqas 18: A Tale Of Two Seekers

A Believer Is Called To Glory

In 2 Tasloniqim 2 Paul basically divided two groups of people – those that do not love the truth, end up being deceived, and those who are saved. The ones saved begin with being called by God to come to His Son. Not upon the volunteers. The volunteers refer to those who are not called … Continue reading A Believer Is Called To Glory

How The Bible Sees Your Denial Of Christ

Our Savior, the Lord Jesus prophesied first to Peter. Jesus is God. Only God can see the beginning, or the present, from the end. To God, it has already happened to the One who is not bound by time and space. So Jesus just plainly challenged Peter for his boldness, since Peter had not been … Continue reading How The Bible Sees Your Denial Of Christ

Eashoa Is In Charge

Worship Of Angels Is Wrong Do not worship angels. Angels are only creatures. Colossians 2:18 Let no one disqualify you, insisting on asceticism and worship of angels, going on in detail about visions, puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind; The entity that appears as “like a son of man” in Revelation 14 is … Continue reading Eashoa Is In Charge