Isaiah 62

Messianic Commentary Commentary on Isaiah 62 If your family is traced back to Israel this commentary speaks to God’s plan for you and for me. Isaiah 62 is sandwiched between 61 the First Advent announcement and 63 the Second Coming. Here lies the window for the restoration of the House of Israel in dispersion. (This … Continue reading Isaiah 62

Two Sons (Matthew 21)

Two Parables, Ezekiel 23 and Matthew 21 Here is the layout of chapter 21 in the Gospel According To Matthew. The Triumphal Entry Jesus Cleanses the TempleJesus Curses the Fig TreeThe Authority of Jesus Challenged The Parable of the Two Sons The Parable of the Tenants Now at a distance we are getting the complete … Continue reading Two Sons (Matthew 21)

A New City For New Hebrews

In dealing with the rebellious House of YisroEl, יהוה Adonai dismissed class, and dispersed the tribes like scattered seeds (diaspora) to all the nations of the world in divorce. In this article, I shall address what shall become of Israel that was once rejected due to our former disobedience to the Covenant in profaning Adonai … Continue reading A New City For New Hebrews

Promised In Joel 2:28-29

If you prophesy in the New Covenant and have dreams and visions, this passage is about you. In fact, if you follow every each character in the New Testament who practiced prophecy, they were all Jews. Not one was a Gentile. It has not changed today. Only members of the Remnant of Yisrael to Moshiach … Continue reading Promised In Joel 2:28-29

Not All Christians Are “Saved”

So who is saved? Let us go to Scripture. The man on stage may be wrong. I won’t want to be as wrong as he is. We live in the age of Laodicea. The man on stage may be lukewarm. But we are hot, or we are cold, we are neither, mishpocha. A Brief Commentary … Continue reading Not All Christians Are “Saved”

When An Israelite Found Out!

Check out this parable. No one has told you what it meant to a messianic Israelite. Matthew 13 44 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that … Continue reading When An Israelite Found Out!