Third Watch For The Antichrist

The Israel Election may be a revealing point for the false prophet figure in Revelation 13. Will it be Netanyahu, who may well for dear life form a pro-temple coalition, or someone else who will build the tribulation temple? Here is an analysis.

Survive Transhumanism Beat 666

Need to survive transhumanism and pharmakeia Transhumanism is a specialty end of days agenda where human beings are entreated to be something else by their own choice. If you have a terminal illness, scientists offer to change your DNA so that the human disease does not affect you any longer for you are no longer … Continue reading Survive Transhumanism Beat 666

The Two Olive Trees

The olive tree is symbolic of Israel by design, the religious sign of Israel as God’s chosen nation upon the earth. In Israel, God’s purpose is to make good His promise to Abraham that from his loins, a people will serve the nations as a light. The olive tree is the producer of the anointing … Continue reading The Two Olive Trees

Luqas 18: A Tale Of Two Seekers

A Parable Of Two Men Told By Y’shua My notes for this parable: Y’shua told this parable quoting the prayers said by two individuals associating their occupation, a Pharisee and a tax collectors. Their occupation alone identifies them. Both men went to the Temple and prayed up a prayer. Y’shua is in fact saying that … Continue reading Luqas 18: A Tale Of Two Seekers

A Believer Is Called To Glory

In 2 Tasloniqim 2 Paul basically divided two groups of people – those that do not love the truth, end up being deceived, and those who are saved. The ones saved begin with being called by God to come to His Son. Not upon the volunteers. The volunteers refer to those who are not called … Continue reading A Believer Is Called To Glory

Signs Of The Fifth Trumpet (Locusts)

Signs have been dropped on the earth that give warning about the upcoming attraction. The fifth trumpet has a lengthy description on the invasion of locusts on earth from below somewhere as a fallen angel takes the key to the abyss. He shall open it to let out countless of locusts. Their chief is called … Continue reading Signs Of The Fifth Trumpet (Locusts)

Study: 2 Peter 1:3-4

Confirm Your Calling and Election Study of 2 Peter 1 ESV 3┬áHis (God and Christ’s, his, singular) divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, (the free gifts do not include the coins and the snacks of life) through the knowledge of him (the giving is granted by the … Continue reading Study: 2 Peter 1:3-4

Two Sons (Matthew 21)

Two Parables, Ezekiel 23 and Matthew 21 Here is the layout of chapter 21 in the Gospel According To Matthew. The Triumphal Entry Jesus Cleanses the TempleJesus Curses the Fig TreeThe Authority of Jesus Challenged The Parable of the Two Sons The Parable of the Tenants Now at a distance we are getting the complete … Continue reading Two Sons (Matthew 21)