Luqas 18: A Tale Of Two Seekers

A Parable Of Two Men Told By Y’shua My notes for this parable: Y’shua told this parable quoting the prayers said by two individuals associating their occupation, a Pharisee and a tax collectors. Their occupation alone identifies them. Both men went to the Temple and prayed up a prayer. Y’shua is in fact saying that … Continue reading Luqas 18: A Tale Of Two Seekers

A Believer Is Called To Glory

In 2 Tasloniqim 2 Paul basically divided two groups of people – those that do not love the truth, end up being deceived, and those who are saved. The ones saved begin with being called by God to come to His Son. Not upon the volunteers. The volunteers refer to those who are not called … Continue reading A Believer Is Called To Glory

Promised In Joel 2:28-29

If you prophesy in the New Covenant and have dreams and visions, this passage is about you. In fact, if you follow every each character in the New Testament who practiced prophecy, they were all Jews. Not one was a Gentile. It has not changed today. Only members of the Remnant of Yisrael to Moshiach … Continue reading Promised In Joel 2:28-29

The Full Moon Speaks Prophecy

Of The King’s Ride For His Own Bo Eashoa, meherah. – Revelation 22:20 (Come, Jesus, quickly.) Blessed be Elohiym יהוה . The 4 major and the 16 minor Prophets of the Neviim in the Old Testament portion of Scripture have their work cut out for them. We benefit from their down low as students of … Continue reading The Full Moon Speaks Prophecy

We Ken The Wedding Season

Of The Goodman Getting His Bride The student of the Word will never miss out on the crucial timing of the day of the Lord. But in today’s age, not many people are students of the Bible for the fact that they do not read the Bible. Part of the reason is they are not … Continue reading We Ken The Wedding Season

How Not To Be “Crushed”

From a Gospel narrative in Luqas 8|42, an hemorrhaging woman is healed by touching Jesus’ cloak. She managed to upstage the patient that Jesus was on the way to heal — Jairus’ sick 12 year old pre teen daughter. Right? But this is not really the main message. We are going to open the Word … Continue reading How Not To Be “Crushed”