Jews In The Millennial Reign

El Shaddai Promised Dawid In the Millennial Reign of Christ on earth, many of David’s descendants (Judahites, from Judah) will co-reign with Christ. Tehillaim 13212 If your children will keep My covenant, My testimony that I will teach them, their children also will sit on your throne forever more.” Notice this speech happened in the … Continue reading Jews In The Millennial Reign

Second Coming

Upon seeing a vision of the Lord in the Second Coming, John noticed that his tunic was stained with blood. Many commentaries are divided on their interpretation based upon one thing. Does not make interpretation of New Testament prophecies with the godly counsel of the Old Testament prophecies? I have seen many fall on this … Continue reading Second Coming

satan Won’t Bother Israel Yes!

Israel’s Advantage And why not? We have suffered too long. We were rebellious to Adonai Eloheynu. We played the harlots. We formed alliances with foreign heads of state. We were scattered by the Wind to the four corners East, West, North and South 360 of the cosmos. It took us a long time to repent … Continue reading satan Won’t Bother Israel Yes!