Revelation 5 – Throne & Scroll

From my study last week on Revelation 5, much is revealed from what the “mighty angel” and one from the “Elder” (presbuteros) rank of angels told John in turn when John “in the Spirit” visited upon a scene in the throne room of the Almighty. The Word of יהוה is in His majesty, glory and … Continue reading Revelation 5 – Throne & Scroll

Signs Of The Fifth Trumpet (Locusts)

Signs have been dropped on the earth that give warning about the upcoming attraction. The fifth trumpet has a lengthy description on the invasion of locusts on earth from below somewhere as a fallen angel takes the key to the abyss. He shall open it to let out countless of locusts. Their chief is called … Continue reading Signs Of The Fifth Trumpet (Locusts)

Promised In Joel 2:28-29

If you prophesy in the New Covenant and have dreams and visions, this passage is about you. In fact, if you follow every each character in the New Testament who practiced prophecy, they were all Jews. Not one was a Gentile. It has not changed today. Only members of the Remnant of Yisrael to Moshiach … Continue reading Promised In Joel 2:28-29

Scripture Keyhole: Lilith?

The prophecy of Isaiah 34 brings out a league of demons. First off, “Lilith” is the sound of a Hebrew word that is not found elsewhere in other languages, long before Sara McLaughlin made a feast of it with her sisters in the Women’s Lib movement of the 20th century. Today I shine the spotlight … Continue reading Scripture Keyhole: Lilith?

We Ken The Wedding Season

Of The Goodman Getting His Bride The student of the Word will never miss out on the crucial timing of the day of the Lord. But in today’s age, not many people are students of the Bible for the fact that they do not read the Bible. Part of the reason is they are not … Continue reading We Ken The Wedding Season

satan Won’t Bother Israel Yes!

Israel’s Advantage And why not? We have suffered too long. We were rebellious to Adonai Eloheynu. We played the harlots. We formed alliances with foreign heads of state. We were scattered by the Wind to the four corners East, West, North and South 360 of the cosmos. It took us a long time to repent … Continue reading satan Won’t Bother Israel Yes!