Who May Be Father’s Children

A Commentary To John Chapter 8 In a nutshell, those from the House of Israel who repent to God and receive our Messiah, (e.g. Peter, Paul, John) and those from the Gentiles of the nation who repent to God and receive their Kinsman Redeemer, the Bridgroom, Eashoa (e.g. Luke). A discussion between seed Vs. children … Continue reading Who May Be Father’s Children

Not All Christians Are “Saved”

So who is saved? Let us go to Scripture. The man on stage may be wrong. I won’t want to be as wrong as he is. We live in the age of Laodicea. The man on stage may be lukewarm. But we are hot, or we are cold, we are neither, mishpocha. A Brief Commentary … Continue reading Not All Christians Are “Saved”

Ruwach Ha-Qodesh

Ruwach HaQodesh (trans. Spirit of Set Apart). Back in the days of the Mosaic Covenant He was given to selected individuals by YHVH the Most High. There were maybe less than two dozens in the whole history of the Kingdom of Israel, and to no one in the 400 years of the Intertestamental era. Before … Continue reading Ruwach Ha-Qodesh

From The Tribulation (Revelation 7)

Almost all who read this post will agree with the sound doctrine, that salvation is by faith alone and not earned by works if you are saved today. If you are a seeker, you are not saved yet, keep seeking and learning. On that premise, I will throw this question out there for your brain … Continue reading From The Tribulation (Revelation 7)